About the chair

In Indian history first time the Consumer Law and Practice Chair (CLAP Chair) has been established in August 2008, at the National Law School of India University, Bangalore (NLSIU) by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi, to promote research, teaching and training in Consumer Law and Practice. From the date of establishment of this CLP chair, Prof. Ashok Patil is heading and administering this chair.

The following are the objects of the CLP Chair:
1. The Consumer Law and Practice Chair is acting as a “Think Tank” for the Research and Policy related issues on Consumer Law and Practice and also develop Consumer Affairs as a distinct subject of study both at Under Graduate & Post Graduate levels.
2. The Chair has developed the curriculum and teaches the same to the under-graduate students as well as post-graduate students in law at NLSIU.
3. The Chair is encouraging and supervise the candidates for research degrees, such as M. Phil, Ph. D and LL. D and develop skills in this branch of law;
4. The Chair is encouraging empirical research to be carried out on various aspects affecting consumer affairs;
5. The Chair is publishing research articles in national and international journals as well on a regular basis;
6. The Chair is updating the legal developments and decisions of various courts on a yearly basis and publish the same in the March of the Law of NLSIU;
7. The Chair is publishing a quarterly News Letter on Consumer Affairs containing a brief report on the activities of the Chair, Legal developments in the field of Consumer Affairs, summary of leading judicial decisions of the Supreme Court and High Courts as well as the National Consumer Dispute Reddressal Commission and State Consumer Dispute Reddressal Commissions. The same Newsletter will also be released in the electronic format and uploaded in the website periodically to facilitate access to those information free of cost; and
8. The Chair is also performing the following functions; to providing necessary expert inputs for formulation of policy/programs/schemes of the Department of Consumer Affairs; to identifying and disseminate best practices in the field of consumer protection Laws and Practice; to publishing, in the form of books, monographs pamphlets to fill up existing knowledge gap and the results of research studies conducted by them from the CWF grant; Sponsoring/ Organizing seminars/ workshops/conferences etc. on consumer-related issues at national/regional levels; Organizing periodically, short term training programs for the law teachers, NGOs and others;
9. The Chair has started a Post-Graduate Diploma Course on Consumer Affairs through the Distance Education mode and work with the Distance Education Department at the NLSIU; and


The PGDCLPcourse is aimed at sensitizing people about the Consumer Rights. This course provides opportunity for candidates to receive advanced instructions in the relationship and interplay between existing consumers’ related legislation and changing scenario. The diploma is specially designed to meet the needs of those whose prior education has been in a field other than law and who would like to supplement their database with in-depth knowledge of consumer laws.

This Diploma is essentially supplementary qualifications and intends to impart specialized knowledge and skills. This course is aimed at equipping every person in India about their Consumer Rights, Manufacturers and Service Providers Professional Ethics, Responsibilities and Liabilities. It helps to all professionals like Lawyers, Doctors, Pharmacist, Health workers, Engineers, Software Professionals, Consumer Dispute Reddressal Forum Members, Company Executives, Journalists, Farmers, Non-Governmental Organizations, Government Officials and Manufacturers, Retailers, Sellers…..in their day-today activities.

Contact Details:
Prof.(Dr).Ashok R Patil
Chair Professor

Chair on Consumer Law ad Practice
Member, Central Consumer Protection Council
[Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India]
- Coordinator, Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) & NIRF
- Coordinator, Post Graduate Diploma in Consumer Law
-Chief Editor, International Journal on Consumer Law and Practice (IJCLP)
‘ASLI Fellow’
‘Legal Education Innovation Awardee’ from MILAT-SILF
Nagarbhavi, Bangalore 560 242 (old pin 560 072), Karnataka
T: +91 80 2321 3160, 2316 0532/533/535
F: +91 80 23160534
Direct +91 80 23397526
Email: consumerlaw@nls.ac.in

Mr. Akshay Baburao Yadav is a Teaching Associate, National Law School of India University, Bangalore. He has completed his Bachelors, Master in Law with specialization in Constitutional and Administrative Law from Karnataka State Law University, Hubballi. He moved to Bangalore on being appointed as Research Associate, at Chair and within no time I promoted as teaching Associate. He is Deputy Editor of International Journal on Consumer Law and Practice (ISSN 2347-2731) since 2020 & March on Consumer Law and Practice (ISSN 0975-9700) since 2018. He is qualified as an Accredited Mediator by completing 40 hours Mediation Training Programme at National Law School of India University held from 1st to 5th June 2019. He has also presented a research paper at national Conferences. Recently on 12 August 2020, He is nominated as Consumer International Next Generation Leaders Network.