International Journal on Consumer Law and Practice (IJCLP) Vol.9, 2021

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Members of Editorial and Advisory Board  Download
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The hidden harms of targeted advertising by algorithm and interventions from the Consumer Protection toolkit- Jeannie Marie Paterson, Shanton Chang, Marc Cheong, Chris Culnane, Suelette Dreyfus, and Dana McKay  Download
An overview of the Consumer safety and Product Liability regime in South Africa-Jacolien Barnard  Download
Smart Dispute Resolution in the digital age: the potential of smart contracts and Online Dispute Resolution for dispute prevention and resolution in Consumer Law cases- A.U. Janssen and Tom J. Vennmanns Download
Unconscionability, Smart Contracts, and Blockchain Technology: are consumers really protected against power abuses in the Digital Economy?- Alberto R. Salazar V. Download
Lexmark and International Patent exhaustion on sale: its implications on affordable medicines in The US and India- Raj S. Davé, Neil Davey, Vignesh Ramachandran, and Ron Somers Download
Evolution of Consumer Courts in India: The Consumers Protection Act 2019 and emerging themes of Consumer Jurisprudence —Ankur Saha and Sri Ram Khanna Download
Imposing Liabilities on Persons of Influence: an urgent step towards public policy measures in India —Trupti Panigrahi Download