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The Post Graduate Diploma in Consumer Law and Practice (PGDCLP) course is aimed at sensitizing people about the Consumer Rights. This course provides opportunity for candidates to receive advanced instructions in the relationship and interplay between existing consumers’ related legislation and changing scenario. The diploma is specially designed to meet the needs of those whose prior education has been in the field other than law and who would like to supplement their database with indepth knowledge of consumer laws.

This Diploma is essentially supplementary qualifications, and intends to impart specialized knowledge and skills. This course is aimed at equipping every person in India about their Consumer Rights, Manufacturers and Service Providers Professional Ethics, Responsibilities and Liabilities. It helps to all professionals like Lawyers, Doctors, Pharmacist, Health workers, Engineers, Software Professionals, Consumer Dispute Reddressal Forum Members, Company Executives, Journalists, Farmers, Non Governmental Organizations, Government Officials and Manufacturers, Retailers, Sellers… their day today activities.

Syllabi of Post Graduate Diploma in Consumer Law and Practice

PAPER 1: Introduction to law and legal system

Unit I: Understanding Law and Legal System in General

Unit II: Indian Legal System

Unit III: Few Representative Laws

Unit IV: Miscellaneous

PAPER 2: Development Consumer Protection

Unit I: Consumer Protection: Global Scenario

Unit II: Evolution of Consumer Protection in United Kingdom

Unit III- Evolution of Consumer Protection in India

Unit IV- Consumer Protection Act, 1986

PAPER 3: Product Liability and Service Providers Liability

Unit I: Product Safety Standards and Liability: Bureau of Indian Standards; Standards of Weights and Measures Act; Legal Metrology Act; Drugs and Cosmetics Act; Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act;

Unit II: Food Adulteration Act; Food Safety and Standards Act; Insecticide

Unit III: Service Providers Liability: Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Courier, Electricity, Water, Housing, Doctor, Advocate, Housing, Railway, Air travel

Unit IV: E-Consumer Protection; Advertisement


PAPER 4: Alternative Reddressal Machinery

Unit I: Regulatory Authorities, Ombudsman; Insurance, Banking, Housing, Electricity, etc

Unit II: Mediation, Arbitration, Conciliation, Lok Adalats, Role of Government, NGO and Public

Unit III: Sustainable Consumption, Environmental protection,

Unit IV: Competition Commission